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Now that we’ve taken the plunge back into truck camper ownership, we want to hear from you about the truck camper maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting articles you want to see.

With our new-to-us truck camper, we are free to get into every material, component, and system from nose to bumper.  The question is, which materials, components, and systems are you most interested in us getting into?

For the first few months, we will be focused on areas that need to be repaired ASAP.  For example, the camper needs to be sealed, the propane tanks need to be re-certified, and the LP, CO, and smoke alarms need to be replaced.  These items cannot wait.

Once those issues are addressed, we will begin on the things you want.  For example, if you want us to update the converter, we’ll update the converter.  If you want us to address refrigerator maintenance, we’ll address refrigerator maintenance.  Want to see a solar panel system installed?  We can do that.

For each article, we will seek out experts within the truck camper industry and community.  We will also go outside of the truck camper industry and talk to experts in specific areas like component and battery manufacturers.

We are already working with experts on caulking and sealing, LP, CO, and smoke alarms, and propane systems.  As a magazine, we will go to the source, get the facts, learn the skills, and report everything we discover here in Truck Camper Magazine.

With that, it’s time to ask for your vote.  Which truck camper maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting subjects are most important or interesting to you?

Here are the readers’ responses.

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