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49 Readers Reveal Their Campsite Behavior

“I am a park and done truck camper.  Most of the time it’s an ove night stop, so once the leveling is done it’s “5 o’clock somewhere time”.  Space is always a premium, so very little creature comforts are brought along.  The most set-up would be if I set-up my ham radio antenna to make contacts back home to friends.” – Jim Longthorne, 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, 2005 Four Wheel Grandby Camper

“It depends on the situation.  I’m a park and done camper, but my wife is a park and set-up camper.  Most of the time we set-up an outdoor kitchen, if we’re staying a few days so that we can enjoy the out doors.” – Bruce Moses, 2006 Chevy 3500, 2007 Lance 1191

“I am a park and done truck camper.  When I’m at a campground I run a cord over for the electric and maybe try to level things a bit.  But that’s it.  I removed the toilet years ago and replaced it with a porta-potti.  It’s so much easier than having to hook up hoses or emptying tanks at a dump station.  It’s just me in there anyway and I’m easy to please.” – Jack Pavie, 1995 Ford F350, 1987 Real Lite 950

“It depends on the situation.  Usually the most we set is a couple of chairs and the table top bar-be-que.  That’s all we need.” – Alex Blasingame, 2007 Ford F250, 2002 Lance 815


“I am a park and done truck camper.  When we are in the truck camper, we are park and done.  We are normally traveling or just enjoying where we are.  That kind of camping we do in the fifth wheel.” – Ken Chambers, 2007.5 Chevy 2500HD, 2014 Lance 855S


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