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Your 2015 Truck Camping Plans

We just got off the phone with the powers that be and confirmed that Spring 2015 has been ordered and should be delivered sometime in mid to late April, depending on your location.

During our conversation, they apologized for the especially horrific Winter season, and blamed an oversight in the refrigeration and moisture departments for the “less than optimal” conditions this year.  Snow kidding.

Anyway, we were very pleased to hear that Spring on the way.  With that news confirmed, we can begin planning our 2015 truck camping year.

So far we’re sketching out a few possible routes out West and into western Canada.  Since our plans are rather loose at this point, we thought it would be fun to ask you what you’re 2015 plans are.  Perhaps we’ll be inspired to visit a place or two on your list.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What are your 2015 truck camping plans?”

Please include your route and destinations, if that’s been decided.  We’re also interested in why you’re going where you’re going.  We can’t wait to read everyone’s truck camping plans.  Inspire us!

This Question of the Week is now closed.  Check back next week for our next QOTW.

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