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Would You Snowbird In a Truck Camper?

Some of us are fortunate to know that you can spend weeks, if not months at a time traveling in a truck camper.  A very select few of us – about a dozen rigs by our last count – have proven that you can actually sell your house and live full-time in a truck camper.

The idea that we can live for extended periods of time while traveling in a truck camper is not in question.  Having done it ourselves, we know it can work.  Actually, it can more than work.  It’s a blast!

But what happens when the traveling stops?  What if we parked the truck camper rig for the months of November through April (six months) at a snowbird campground in Florida, Texas, Arizona, or southern California?

Winter?  Snow?  Ice?  Cold and dark?  Skip it.  Snowbirding is the answer.

Or is it?  Would you ever consider spending your entire winter staying warm and south in your truck camper?  If the answer is yes, would you stay in one campground, or travel around?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Would you snowbird all winter in your truck camper?”

If you would, tell us where you would go and what you would do.  If you would not, tell us why. We’re thinking about this ourselves, so fess up folks.  Can you snowbird for the winter in a truck camper, or not?

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