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Which Came First – Your Hobbies, or Your Rig?

If we were pulled over by the hobby police, I would have some serious explaining to do.

First, there’s my music hobby; planar magnetic headphones, high-resolution recordings, and an honest to goodness residential stereo system over the dinette.  I even brought my portable Audio Technica AT770 Mister Disc turntable on our last truck camping adventure.  You never know where you might find a decent record.

Then there’s my White’s metal detecting hobby.  Since my mid-teens, I’ve been fascinated with treasure hunting with metal detectors.  I’ll have you know that I’ve dug up more rusty nails, beer bottle caps, and unidentifiable metal objects than just about anyone you know.  Thankfully, I’ve also found a few coins and rings along the way.  And you thought I was a treasure hunting pirate in name only.  Arrrr!

You already know about my photography hobby.  I love cameras of just about any description.  When we’re out hiking, I have to be careful not stare at everyone’s cameras as I try to figure out what Nikon or Canon model they’re carrying, and what lens they’ve got.

In a way, truck camping has enhanced my hobby interests.  I get to look for LP records all over the country.  I get to go metal detecting in fantastic locations.  Perhaps best of all, I get to take photographs of places and things most folks only see on television.  Truck camping plus my hobbies has worked out great for me.

Angela loves gardening at home, but it’s tough to do without a yard.  She’s been successful at bringing her scrapbooking hobby with her, but she’s been challenged by a relative lack of table space.  To adjust, she does more digital scrapbooking on her computer now.  Angela enjoys photography and music at least as much as I do.  All in all, we both really enjoy our hobbies on the road.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What hobbies have you been able to bring with you on the road?”.

Tell us what your hobbies are, and how they work while truck camping.  Of course you can tell us that traveling in a truck camper is your hobby!  We certainly share that interest, but what else do you enjoy doing while you travel?

Maybe you enjoy reading, movies, hunting, sports, sewing, jogging, entertaining, golf, playing an instrument, crafting, bicycling, cards, hiking, cooking, skiing, boating, motorcycling, painting, dancing, tennis, fishing, or volunteer work.  Or perhaps you are into rocketry, sky diving, scuba diving, or making ice sculptures.

We want to know your hobbies, and we want to know how you bring them with you when you go truck camping!

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