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Which Air Compressors For Campers?

What portable compressor do you use with your truck camping rig, and where do you go where you need to air down?   We’re looking for portable compressor feedback.  No pressure.

Air Compressors For Camper Question

In preparation for deep or loose sand, dirt, gravel, or rocks, it’s often necessary to air down truck tires for improved traction.  Upon returning, a portable compressor will air back up the tires for pavement.  Just turn on your air compressor, hit your target PSI for your tires, and head home.

Portable air compressors are also handy for maintaining the proper air pressure on your truck, towed Jeep, and scooter tires.  Some readers use their portable air compressors to run pneumatic tools, clean their campers and blow out their water lines for winterization.

Six-years ago we polled Truck Camper Magazine readers about the use of air compressors including preferred types (portable versus permanently mounted), makes, and models.  At the time, VIAIR was the top brand, with Accutire, Slime, Smittybuilt, Campbell, and LifeLine also getting a fair number of mentions.

Since then a lot has changed.  Our readership has doubled and many of the specific air compressors mentioned have been discontinued.  We know this because readers have emailed us and said, “I’m looking for a portable air compressor and some of your reader recommendations are no longer available. Could you ask them again?”

Yes, we can.

We are looking for truck camping enthusiasts with air compressors they (a) use with their truck camper rigs, (b) would recommend, and (c) are still available.  A quick online check should verify the model you have is still on the market.

Beyond the specifics about your compressor, we would like to know a little about how you use your air compressor.  Are you a beach camper?  Do you tackle off-road trails?  Or do you use your air compressor for other truck camper tasks?  Jeeping?  Mud bogging?

Our question is, “What portable compressor do you use with your truck camping rig, and where do you go where you need to air down?”

*We have stopped collecting responses for this question.  Air Compressors will be featured in TCM later this week.

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