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What’s Your Favorite Camping Chair?

We are hereby asking for the most comfortable and supportive camping chair your hindquarters have ever set cheeks in. All butts about it; what’s your favorite camping chair?

Camping Chair Poll 2022

So you’re out truck camping and pull into a BLM camping area in the Four Corners area of Utah. You thought you were alone in your patch of free camping heaven when you spot another truck camper a couple of dozen yards away. After setting up, you walk over and introduce yourself. “Nice truck camper, neighbor!”

They’re from the same state, have a similar truck, and are full of detailed recommendations on what to see and where to camp in the area. “You don’t say?” you say. Then they invite you over after supper for some adult beverages and fireside s’mores. Oh no.

You go back to your camper crestfallen. They’re so nice, like the same beer you do, and have a fresh batch of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers literally calling your name. What could possibly be wrong?

It’s your camping chairs. You’ve had them since Nixon’s first term and they are about as comfortable as a metal barbed wire fence mid-winter in Fargo. The last time you sat in one for more than 15-minutes you ended up at a chiropractor’s office in Poughkeepsie. Honestly, you were glad to just have survived the encounter. That chair is trying to kill you. And next time you might not be so lucky.

What’s Your Favorite Camping Chair?

While the above story may not be 100-percent true, the pervasiveness of inadequate camping chairs in our community cannot be dismissed. We first addressed this dire situation way back in 2014 by asking our fellow readers a simple question, “What’s your favorite camping chair?”

Sadly, many of the recommended camp chair makes and models have since been cut and discontinued over the past seven years. To ensure that the precious posteriors of our fellow truck campers remain in tip-top condition, we are asking this most important question one more time. Have a seat you like? Share it.

Before submitting your favorite chair, please check that it’s still available. No sense in offering a seat that’s been pulled.


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