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The Truck Camper Urge to Purge

It never fails.  After weeks or sometimes months of living full-time in a truck camper, we’ll come home and say, “What are we doing with all this space, and all this stuff?”

Compared to any truck camper, our 2,000 square foot house seems enormous, and many of the things in it unnecessary.  It’s as if we have stuff just to fill the space.

Before truck camping, we would have never looked at our home in this way.  It’s not like we live in a mansion.  Nor are we stuff hoarding shut-ins.  In fact, we’ve always prided ourselves on living fairly lean.  Being practical and living within our means has always been important to us.

So why then are we looking at our home and belongings and thinking, “What are we doing with all this stuff?”  Truck camping has ruined us; at least for space, and stuff.

Once we were forced to adapt to less space in a camper, and think carefully about every pair of underpants, T-shirt, pot, pan, and beer bottle, our mindset changed.  Truck camping is like going to Stuff-a-Holics Anonymous and accomplishing their 12-Step Purge Program.  We can’t even be around unnecessary stuff anymore.  It makes us nutty.

I refuse to believe that we’re the only ones who have experienced this feeling.  Surely other truck camper owners, upon seeing their house and things with truck camping eyes, have thought, “What are we doing with all this stuff?”  Perhaps even you can relate to this experience.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Has truck camping made your house too big, and your stuff seem unnecessary?”  Put another way, has the experience of truck camping changed your perspective on house, home, and belongings?  Maybe truck camping has given you a nearly insatiable urge to purge.

This Question of the Week is now closed.  Stay tuned for the next QOTW.

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