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What’s Cooking In Your Camper, and How?

We counted almost a dozen ways to cook food on the road including a stove, oven, microwave, outdoor grill, and a campfire.  The question is, which cooking methods do you use?

Our very first truck camper had a built-in propane range, propane oven, and microwave.  Most of the time we used the range and, if we had shore power, the microwave.

Embarrassingly, we never once used the oven as we didn’t know how to light it in those early days, and wanted to avoid trial and error that might result in a fire.  Naturally, we have long since conquered truck camper ovens and use them regularly for baking chicken, sweet potatoes, lasagna, gingerbread, and brownies.

When the topic of camper cooking comes up among truck camping friends, we have noticed a great disparity in how built-in cooking appliances are used.  We have also noted that some truck campers bring different cooking appliances with them, while others don’t cook in their campers at all.  It seems we all eat, but the similarities in our cooking habits end there.  Or do they?

For this week’s Question of the Week, we thought it would be interesting to get a better grip on exactly what’s cooking in our campers, and how.

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