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What RV Surge Protector Do You Use?

What surge protector do you use with your truck camping rig, and how has it worked for you in the field? Has anything been shocking?

RV Surge Protector Poll

It pains me to say this, but never blindly trust the electrical outlets at a campground. While relatively rare, we have encountered everything from low voltage to improper polarity at campgrounds once or twice a year. It happens.

For the past five years, our solution has been a combination of common sense, and a pedestal surge protector.

Sometimes you can look at a campground power pedestal and know you’re not plugging your beloved truck camper and all its fragile components into it.

If the post, box, and outlets look more like a dirt-encrusted insect colony than anything that belongs in a campground or appears to have been wired by an angry weekend electrician on acid, move on. That’s common sense.

Thankfully, most campground pedestals require no more than a spider web wipe and a re-set of the amp breaker switches prior to plugging in. Why folks can’t switch these beakers on and off is anyone’s guess. I should make a sticker: “Leave the breaker off until plugged-in, then turn the breaker on. Turn off the breaker before unplugging, then leave the breaker off. Thank you.” Rant over.

Which RV surge protector are you using?

If you have an RV surge protector for your truck camper, we want to know what make and model you have, and how it has performed. Have you avoided any potentially harmful electrical situations?  Please do share.

Thank you, readers, for responding.  We are compiling the responses and will be sharing them soon.


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