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What Are You Doing With Water?

Don’t ever let it be said that truck campers can’t hold their water.  In fact, some truck campers have 60 gallon fresh water tanks.  That’s over 500 pounds of water!

There may be no faster or easier way to reduce the weight of your truck camper rig than to drive it with an empty fresh water tank.  In fact, with up to 500 pounds on the line, driving with a full or empty fresh tank could be the difference between being over payload capacity, or being under payload capacity.

This sets up an interesting scenario.  It’s possible to assemble a truck and camper package that’s under payload when driving (empty fresh water tank) and over payload when camping (full fresh water tank).  For rigs that are be a few hundred pounds above payload, driving with an empty fresh water tank could be an ideal solution.

When we’re going somewhere with easy access to fresh water, we leave only a few gallons in the tank, if that.  If we’re going off-grid for a while, we fill the tank.  I’m a bit of a water worry wart, so I’m more inclined to fill the tank than not.  We also have way more payload than we need, so the additional weight is not going to adversely affect the safety of driving our rig.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you drive your rig with a full fresh water tank, partially filled fresh water tank, or an empty fresh water tank?”

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