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Do You Volunteer From Your Truck Camper?

We recently met some nice folks who were volunteering from their RVs to repair a storm damaged church in Key West.

They were from Campers on Mission and were living in their Class A motorhomes onsite.  During the day they worked on the church and the pastor’s home.  At night they enjoyed Key West and camped on location.

It was clear that they were working hard, but also having a great time and enjoying each other’s company.  The sense of purpose they shared was palpable, and the Key West setting in January wasn’t too bad either.

We have since learned that there are a lot of organizations that offer RVers the opportunity to volunteer with their RVs.  Folks either camp onsite or nearby, and work with a team on a specific project.  The campsites are normally provided for free, as is the shared purpose.

Some of these volunteer opportunities are religiously based, like Campers On Mission or Habitat For Humanities’ Care-A-Vanners, while others are non-religious and support state parks, national parks, and other affiliated projects.  These opportunities can be searched at

Naturally, there are probably many more volunteer opportunities for RVers, but that’s where you come in.

This weeks’ Question of the Week is, “Have you ever volunteered while truck camping?”

If you have, please tell us what organization you volunteered with.  How was your experience with the volunteer project and the team?  Was your campsite included?  And how would a fellow truck camper get involved?

Please share your volunteer experiences by filling out the form below.

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