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Utility Trailers Exposed – What’s In Your Towed Toy Box?

Angela and I have never towed anything behind our truck camper.  One of the reasons why we chose a truck camper rig was because we didn’t want to tow.  We still don’t, but an enclosed utility trailer is tempting.

This temptation comes primarily the incredible variety of toys we’ve seen emerge from trailers; motorcycles, Jeeps, race cars, dune buggies, ATVs, boats, bikes, kayaks, canoes, and beyond.  We even met a truck camper owner in Okeechobee, Florida who converted an enclosed utility trailer to a man cave complete with sofa, HD television, and a beer refrigerator.

The man cave trailer really opened my mind to the possibilities a utility trailer presents.  You can tow just about anything.  We could tow a green house for Angela so she could garden on the go.  We could turn a utility trailer into a support unit for the camper complete with an obscenely big battery bank, solar panel array, and holding tanks for boondocking for months on end.  Mobile wood working shop?  Why not?

This week’s Question of the Week is for truck camper owners with enclosed utility trailers, “What kind of enclosed utility trailer do you have, and what do you do with your utility trailer?”

Please include the reasons why you got an enclosed utility trailer, and the lifestyle and/or activity it supports.  After all, that’s what it’s all about; a toy box, to go.

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