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Truck Campers Evacuate: Your Stories Can Help

We have written many times about how truck campers are the ultimate Bug Out and/or Family Emergency Vehicle (FEV).  Most truck camper trucks have four-wheel drive to get you out of harm’s way when the road conditions are less than favorable.   Equally important, most truck campers are fully self-contained with battery power, water, holding tanks, heat, and everything you need for off-grid camping for days or even weeks.

For hurricanes, forest fires, floods, tornadoes or earthquakes, a truck camper is the Bug Out / Family Emergency Vehicle you want before and after the event.

During the past few weeks we have been in touch with about a dozen truck camper owners who either evacuated from Florida before Hurricane Irma, had their camper stocked and ready to go, or went down to check their properties and help.  Some were unable to leave due to fuel shortages, which got us thinking.

If you have used your truck camper to evacuate or otherwise handle a natural disaster, please share your experience.  Specifically, we’re interested in what you learned that you would do again, or do differently.

For example, I know some folks in Florida who are going to fill a few five-gallon fuel cans next time they see a hurricane possibly approaching the state.  Then they could use the fuel as normal if the storm dissipates, or have the fuel ready for evacuation if it does.  That’s the kind of tip that could really help fellow truck campers in the future.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “If you have used or are using your truck camper to evacuate the recent hurricanes or a previous event – past hurricane, forest fire, flood, tornado, or earthquake – please share your story.”

We want to know if there’s anything you will do differently with your truck and/or camper the next time a natural disaster occurs.  Your feedback could help a fellow truck camper to better prepare and get to safety.

Share your story by filling out the form below.

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