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Is Your Truck Camper a Jeep or SUV?

I’ve often described truck campers to those unfamiliar with the category as, “The Jeep of RVs”.  With four-wheel drive, large holding tanks, two batteries, solar power, and generators, we can drive off-road and camp, off-grid, in amazing locations for up to a week or more.  A quick glance through our Off-Road Adventures section reveals just how incredible this truck camper, “Go Anywhere, Camp Anywhere” capability can be.

Taking a step back, the “Jeep or RVs” description is – in most cases – likely an overstatement.  Yes, taken within the context of the greater RV marketplace, truck campers can go places most travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes wouldn’t dare.  However, I’m not about to take our truck camper rig down a challenging Jeep trail anytime soon.

So maybe I should describe truck campers as the, “SUV of RVs”.  People understand that SUVs can go places most passenger cars cannot, but they’re not about to take on on The Rubicon, Moab Rim, or Fordyce Creek trails.

Which brings me to my question.  Would you consider your truck camper rig to be more of a ‘Jeep of RVs’ fully capable of Jeep trails, or a ‘SUV of RVs’ capable of off-road but not necessarily Jeep trails?

With our particular truck and camper combination (2014 Ram 3500 and 2004 Alpenlite 1100), we would consider our rig to be a ‘SUV of RVs’.  As I write this we are camped off-road and off-grid, but we are very careful about the off-road conditions we attempt.  No Jeep trails for us.  Our rig is probably a lot more capable of off-road travel than our driving skills and lack of bravery permit, but we’re not going to test that theory, or risk damaging our rig.

That stated, the aforementioned Off-Road Adventures section contains many rigs that would pass the ‘Jeep of RVs’ challenge.  From this broad and extensive evidence, there is no doubt that truck camper rigs can be Jeep trail ready, not to mention 100-percent Overland Expedition Vehicles.  The question is, how would you classify your rig?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Would you consider your truck camper more of a Jeep of RVs or a SUV of RVs?”

With your answers please include a short description of your truck camper rig and why you believe its more of a ‘Jeep’ or ‘SUV’.  Maybe you’ve been down a Jeep trail with your camper.  Perhaps you turned around at some point where the Jeeps continued.  Is your a truck camper rig more of a Jeep or SUV, and why?

First, a poll.  Is your a truck camper rig more of a Jeep or more of a SUV?

This QOTW is now closed.  We will post the reader responses this week!

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