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When we walked into the office at Capri Campers, the very first thing I noticed was a beautiful collection of classic early 1960’s Tonka toy truck campers.  Out in front was a sea foam green Tonka camper and Clipper boat set in all of their pressed steel glory.  It was all I could do to not say, “Can I have it?  Please!”

Tonka truck camper toy

For many years I have hunted for vintage Tonka camper toys in thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets.  Along the way I found many awesome LP records, but not one Tonka camper.  I could just go to eBay and buy one, but somehow that’s cheating.  I’m determined to find a vintage Tonka camper in the wild.

Truck Camper Toy

In the mean time, long time reader Kevin Pinassi sent us a great toy truck camper for Christmas in 2013.  You may remember us prominently featuring the camper at an industry mini-golf tournament at Louisville that year.

Kevin’s wonderful gift has been on display in our home ever since and has been played with by many kids, young and old.  Since the camper de-mounts, the camper also helps us to explain what a truck camper is to visiting friends.

1972 Play Family Camper

What brought all this up was a picture sent in by TCM reader, Darcy Hubbard, and her son.  Pictured is a 1972 Play Family Camper demountable and matching 1972 FP Balloon Wheel Flatbed.

Darcy explains, “This was my first truck camper and it inspired my future grown up girl rig.  Pictured is mom grilling up goodness, my son playing with our dog, and teenage daughter kickin’ it.  We were actually camping for a week at Jalama Beach in our truck camper for Christmas when the toys were calling to be played with.”

Darcy’s photograph got us thinking about how many of our fellow truck campers have toy truck campers, or had toy truck campers when they were growing up.  Was your first truck camper a toy?  Do you still have your toy truck camper, or maybe a new toy truck camper like ours?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you have, or have you ever had a toy truck camper?”

Tell us the story behind your toy truck camper.  Tell us what it was, when you got it, and any fun memories associated with the toy.  If you have a picture of your toy truck camper, please show us!  It’s toy truck camper show and tell week in Truck Camper Magazine!

Please share your toy truck camper stories below.

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