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Torklift International Announces the Lock and Load

Torklift International has been on a roll lately with a torrent of new products including Lance Campers’s Ultra Deck Plus bumper, Palomino RV’s Landing Pad Bumper, the SafeStep, DirtDestroyer, and SuperHitch Hero.  When they told us they would have new product announcements in 2014, we can’t say we were surprised.

The latest Torklift International announcement is the Lock and Load.  In a nutshell, the product is a receiver hitch cargo tray that incorporates an adjustable security strap.  The primary function is for carrying portable generators, but it can be used for much more.

To give us the low down on the Lock and Load, we talked to Jay Taylor, General Manager, and Jack Kay, President at Torklift International.

Above: An animated video of how the Torklift Lock and Load works

TCM: What is the Torklift Lock and Load?

Jay: The Torklift International Lock and Load is a maximum security cargo tray designed to keep generators, compressors, tool boxes, plasma cutters, pressure washers, and whatever else you need to take with you safe and secure.

The idea for the Torklift Lock and Load came from customers having problems hauling around portable generators.  They wanted to keep their generators secure when they were away from their campers.

Before Lock and Load these customers had to store their expensive generators inside their camper or truck.  People don’t want to keep a generator in the interior of their camper or truck because of odors, fumes, and mess.  Generators also take up a great deal of limited storage space.


Above: The Torklift Lock and Load

With the Lock and Load, now they can keep their generator securely mounted on the front or rear of their rig.  The Lock and Load design was specifically designed to allow them to run their generator in place; you do not need to remove the generator from the Lock and Load tray to use it.  For generators, the Lock and Load straps can also cover gas caps, so there is no way for people to siphon gas.

The Lock and Load is easy to install and can be used with any 2” by 2” front or rear receiver.  It features a wide cargo space of 28” by 23” and is large enough to accommodate two 2000 watt generators side-by-side.  The straps are adjustable allowing for many configurations.  The Lock and Load is powder coated and comes with Torklift International’s legendary lifetime warranty.


Above: The Torklift Lock and Load can be used on the front or rear receiver hitch

TCM: Tell us about the installation and required maintenance for the Lock and Load.

Jay: Installation of the Lock and Load is simple.  Put it in the receiver, lock in the hitch pin, and you’re good to go.  Maintenance is also simple.  Just wash it down and keep it clean.  The Lock and Load’s high-impact powder coat is done in-house here at Torklift International.

What customers like about the Lock and Load is its versatility.  It can be used with so many different applications.  Beyond the obvious applications for an RV owner, a construction worker, roofer, or landscaper could use it as well.

TCM: What about protecting generators and other equipment from road debris and weather?

Jack: When we tested the Lock and Load, we wanted to make sure that it could be used in conjunction with the factory generator covers.  Most generators have covers available from the factory.  The Lock and Load is designed to work with most of these generator covers.  Just put the cover on the generator before you install the security strap.  That will help keep out road debris and water intrusion.

The maximum security strap itself is tool-free.  The Lock and Load comes with a key and tamper-proof puck lock.  You simply unlock the lock with the key, remove the security strap, pop the generator cover off, and operate the generator.  Removing the cover adds an extra minute step that also adds protection.

The Lock and Load will also hold fuel cans.  You can even order additional straps kits if you want two items in the Lock and Load tray.  The items can be locked into place.


Above: The Torklift International Lock and Load lock and keys

TCM: What happens if you lose the keys?

Jack: The Lock and Load comes with two keys.  Don’t keep both keys on one ring, and you can make more copies when you get the Lock and Load.

If you have a problem or lose your keys, we can help with that.  Just call our customer service line at 1-800-246-8132 and we’ll help you out.

Jay: We also want your readers to know that we have now created a custom Lock and Load, which is a smaller version of the Lock and Load.  The research and development team at Palomino RV saw our Lock and Load tray assembly and asked us to develop a smaller version.  This Lock and Load model will fit on their new Landing Pad Bumper and any 2×2 receiver hitch.  It’s designed to specifically accommodate the extremely  popular 2000 watt Yamaha and Honda generators and holds one generator.

TCM: When will the Lock and Load for the Palomino RV Landing Pad be available?

Jay: It’s being tested right now.  The prototypes are at Palomino.  We expect it will be available very soon.

TCM: What is the MSRP for the Lock and Load?

Jay: The MSRP for the current Torklift International Lock and Load is $429.

Jack: And of course it’s made in the USA right here at Torklift International and comes with our legendary lifetime warranty.

For more information on the Lock and Load, visit Torklift International’s website at


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