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Torklift Announces 2020 Virtual Camping Rally

Home or camper, you can camp and rally with Torklift’s 2020 Virtual Camping Rally.  Register now and enter the recipe, T-shirt design, campfire joke, calendar photo and other challenges.  Win prizes and meet fellow campers!

Torklift Virtual Camping Rally

Jack and Candice Kay, President and Senior VP of Torklift International, are forces of nature when it comes to dealing with business and industry challenges.  If there’s an obstacle facing the truck camper marketplace, they are always the first to see it as an opportunity, and get to work.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that Torklift International is announcing a 2020 Virtual Camping Rally.  With many fellow truck campers heeding advice to stay home during Covid-19, Candice has created a way to get together and rally – all from the comfort of where you are, right now.

And if that’s not enough to entice you to register for this online event, how about numerous Torklift product prize drawings, significant Torklift product discounts, and the opportunity to win a number of very creative contests?  Oh, and it’s all free!

Torklift’s 2020 Virtual Camping Rally is scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd.

You will receive date and time details after you register – and instructions on how to attend.

Here’s what you need to do:

A. Click here and register for the virtual rally.  Do this ASAP.

B. Enter the contests before the event.  The sooner the better.

As part of their rally, Torklift is holding a lot of contests and challenges including a Cookbook Recipe Challenge, Owner’s Group T-Shirt Challenge, Clean Comedy Challenge, Craziest Camping Story, 2021 Calendar Contest – and more!

Here’s a list of the contest and challenges you can enter:

1. Cookbook Recipe Challenge

Torklift invites registered rally participants to submit a unique recipe to be published in the 2020 Virtual Camping Rally Cookbook.  Each recipe will be featured in the cookbook with the chef’s biography and picture.  The best recipe will be showcased in a how-to video!  Torklift guarantees cookbooks to the first 100 people who register to the rally, and the recipe winner.  To be part of the Cookbook Challenge, register today and submit your recipe ASAP!

2. Owner’s Group T-Shirt Design Contest

Here’s a fun opportunity for all the creative folks out there.  Design a T-shirt for your camper brand owner’s group.  The best design wins a T-shirt and gets to choose a charity for the proceeds of resulting T-shirt sales.  What T-shirt would you make for your Adventurer, Bigfoot, Capri, Palomino, Lance, Northern Lite, Northstar or Cirrus Owner’s Group?  To be part of the T-shirt contest, register today and submit your design ASAP!

3. Clean Comedy Challenge

Okay all you jokesters and knuckleheads!  Oh wait, that’s about half our readership.  Torklift has a funny challenge for you!

First, submit your best campfire jokes in advance of the rally.  The jokes will be read in a video released at the rally.  The best three will be read by the comedian who submitted it and the rally attendees will choose who told the best joke.  And yes, the winner gets a prize.  It might be a rubber chicken, or StableLoads.  Who knows?  To be part of the Clean Comedy Challenge, register today and submit your design ASAP!

4. Crazy Things You Have Seen On the Road Challenge

Anyone who’s truck camped long enough has seen some wacky things on the road.  One time Angela and I watched a half-naked dude with a mohawk walk circles around his band’s Class A motorhome while aggressively talking on the phone.  And that’s the PG version.  Yeah, nutty things happen out there.

Anyway, Torklift has bravely asked for the craziest things you’ve seen while traveling in your camper.  It could be something crazy that happened to you – the time you pulled the tanks and got more than you bargained for, the tree you didn’t see, etc.  Or it could be the buffalo that pulled up to your truck like it was a drive through.  “I’ll have the buffalo burger, to go!”

Again, submit your entries now and the best stories will be told during the rally.

5. What do you love about your camper and why did you pick it?

Torklift invites you to share the story of how you fell in love with truck camping, and why you chose your particular camper.

6. RV Calendar Photo Contest

This one sounds familiar, but Torklift has a fun twist.  Simply send your best truck camping photo to win a spot on their 2021 calendar.  The twist?  Anytime goes!  The photo could be from yesterday, last week, last month, a year ago, five years ago… as long as it’s a great photo of your rig, you can enter the Torklift calendar contest.

To be part of the Calendar Contest, register today and submit your photo ASAP!

7. Drawings Galore

By registering for the Torklift’s 2020 Virtual Camping Rally you are entered to win prizes.  Torklift promises “many winners” to be drawn throughout the rally.

8. Unheard of Discounts

There’s no word of what the, “Unheard of Discounts” are just yet, but Torklift says they’ll be significant.  And the only way to get them is to register and attend the Virtual Rally.

To register for the rally, click here.

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