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Tell Us Your Truck Camper Holiday Wish Lists

It’s that time of year again.  You can’t so much as turn on your television, or drive down the street without being hit with it, over and over.

In the spirit of the season, we have a few neighbors who are attempting to single handedly make extra-terrestrial contact with the sheer volume of blinking lights in their yard.  Haven’t these people seen The War of the Worlds, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Blob, Independence Day, or my all-time favorite, Mars Attacks?  Ack-ack!

Anyway, it’s time to tell us what you want for your truck camper and/or truck camping lifestyle this year.  We will publish all the wish lists this Friday so that our significant others can get the not-so-subtle hint.  See where we’re going with this?

“Look honey.  Truck Camper Magazine just published a list of what people – just like me – want for their campers.  Maybe you could look at it…”

You laugh, but it might work, right?  Besides, anything we can do to prevent you from getting another fish tie is an effort worth trying.

Above: Fish ties must end, seriously.  Courtesy of

This week’s Question of the Week is simply, “What do you want for your truck camper and/or truck camping lifestyle this holiday season?”

Your answers should be truck camper related.  For example, you might want a new water pump, turnbuckle set, or a boat to tow.  Some of you might ask for new trucks and campers.  Please be specific, otherwise your spouse might get you the wrong model.

Click here to see the readers’ holiday wish lists.

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