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SuperSprings Presents SuperSchool Video Series

Earlier this year, SuperSprings produced a HD video series called SuperSchool designed to educate their dealer base on the features and benefits of their products. Due to their intended dealer audience, we initially didn’t pay much attention to the SuperSchool series.

When we finally got around to watching the videos, we realized they offer a concise overview of the features and benefits of SuperSprings, SumoSprings, SuperCoils, and Coil SumoSprings. The videos are perfect for anyone who isn’t familiar with their products. We even learned more about the SuperCoils and Coil SumoSprings – two SuperSpring products we haven’t had much experience with.  For more information on the suspension products SuperSprings offers, click here.

The videos were produced by Mike Visser, President of SuperSprings International. Check them out:

SuperSchool: SuperSprings

SuperSchool: SumoSprings

SuperSchool: SuperCoils

SuperSchool: Coil SumoSprings

For more information on SuperSprings, click here.


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