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Steps to Order a TCM Calendar

A few readers have written us that the calendar ordering process on Lulu has been a challenge. This frustration is happening mainly on phones. If you are not finding the discount code area, please try using an iPad, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The larger screen really helps.

Below are seven steps on how to get the discount.

1. Go to the calendar article on the TCM website.

Step 1 Calendar Ordering A

2. Click on the link to the calendar. This takes you to the calendar page on

3. Click ‘Add to Cart’ (see below).

Step 2 Calendar Ordering B

4. Click on the cart symbol on the top right of the page. The calendar will show up on the right side of your screen (see below).

Step 3 Calendar Ordering C

5. Enter the amount of calendars you want. One calendar is the default.

6. Click on ‘View Cart’ in the lower part of the right side box (see above). Check that the number of calendars is correct.

7. Next, click ‘Checkout’ (see below).

Step 4 Calendar Ordering D

8. At this point you need to select ‘Log in or Register’ or ‘Guest Checkout’ (see below). If you select ‘Log in or Register’, it allows you to track your calendar as it is shipped. If you select ‘Guest Checkout’, you order the calendar without tracking.

Step 5 Calendar Ordering E

9. If you select ‘Log in or Register’, do that first and then continue with the steps below.  With ‘Guest Checkout’, you enter your email address and then continue to shipping.

Step 6 Calendar Ordering F

10. This is when the discount code area shows up on the right side (see below). Put in the current discount code (when there is one) and the discount will come off of the main price.  Check their Instagram page to see if there is a discount.  They usually post it there.

Step 7 Calendar Ordering G

11. Then, fill in your address, your preferred shipping method, and then your payment information. You’re good to go!

12. If you have difficulties or frustration with this process, please email us at [email protected] and we will walk you through this. We are happy to help.

If the discount area is not showing up, the most important thing is to try a different device and/or browser. People who are ordering on their phones are having the most issues.  Switching to a computer or a tablet will likely fix the problem.


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