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Poll: Should We Kill Our Truck Camper Televisions?

We recently asked for your opinion on standard stereo systems and speakers in campers.  After reading the responses, the consensus was that stereo systems and speakers should not be a standard feature, but rather should be available as a dealer-installed option, and need to be significantly improved in quality, features and ease of use.

Finally, just about everyone wants the outside stereo speakers removed. Most of us have experienced the embarrassing mistake of playing our music or movie outside by accident, or have camped near someone who has. It’s a classic and annoying blunder that the archaic controls on modern stereo components make inevitable. At best, outside speakers are insulation compromises.  At worst, they are potential leak points.  We agree with this opinion.  Standard outside speakers need to go.

Part of the reason for the shift in consumer attitude towards built-in stereos is the remarkable quality of portable battery-powered Bluetooth speakers.  It’s no longer necessary to have a built-in stereo system and speakers to have good sound in a camper.  A Bluetooth speaker can do the job, often better than the outgoing stereo can.

So what about camper televisions?  Ten years ago the industry migrated from tube-based televisions to flat panel HDTVs.  In those same ten years, millions of consumers have cut the cord with their home cable and satellite television services in favor of free open air reception and the incredible content available via internet streaming.

We have met a good number of folks on the road who stream TV shows and movies from the internet while traveling.  With an unlimited data plan, they watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now, and more – all from the comfort of their truck camper.

Many of these same people are watching the streaming shows on laptops, tablets and phones.  That’s right, they’re not watching their camper’s television – but rather their devices.  Where built-in stereos are getting challenged by streaming music and portable battery powered bluetooth speakers, televisions are being challenged by streaming shows via cellular internet and our mobile devices.

This begs the question, should truck camper manufacturers be installing televisions and HD-antennas in their campers?  Would we rather stream our favorite shows to an iPad, or watch streamed movies on our smartphone?  Or are we still attached to our traditional televisions?

The manufacturers are very interested in your responses to this poll.  They are installing televisions and HD-antennas because they believe you want them.  The question is, do you?  Or are you streaming about – on devices?

Please complete the poll below.

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