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Roadmaster Quiet Hitch Stops the Sway

Side-to-side sway is often a tell-tale issue with overloaded truck and camper rigs.  Even when properly matched for payload, some truck and camper combinations need a suspension enhancement product or two to eliminate pesky side-to-side sway.  Every truck camper manufacturer and dealer worth their weight in turnbuckles is familiar with the symptoms of truck camper sway and will usually address the sway before it starts.

What we don’t hear about as much is the potential for sway with a towable.  With over 68% of Truck Camper Magazine readers reporting that they tow while truck camping, this may be something you’ve experienced. 

One of the root causes of towable sway is the play between a receiver and tow bar.  This play can cause a towable to sway making for a white knuckle driving experience. 

Bob Vondra, Publications Manager for Roadmaster, recently told us about a solution a Roadmaster customer reported using Roadmaster’s Quiet Hitch product.  As the name would suggest, the Quiet Hitch was originally designed to silence the rattle between a receiver and tow bar.  When Roadmaster tested the Quiet Hitch’s ability to also eliminate sway, they were excited to confirm that the customer’s reports were correct.

Bob added, “Our Quiet Hitch products provide a consistent pressure to keep your towing combination tracking straight through crosswinds, curves, and sudden maneuvers.  Quiet Hitch also reduces tire wear, as well as wear and tear on the hitch and receiver, by eliminating free play”.  Bob also sent us the following photograph showing a receiver and tow bar with two Quiet Hitch products installed:


Now we don’t want anyone to think that Truck Camper Magazine condones eliminating free play, but in this case it’s a good thing.  It’s also fun to discover a new use for an existing product.  Next thing you know we’ll be using truck campers as Family Emergency Vehicles.


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