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Roadmaster Launches FitMaster

Roadmaster Inc., manufacturer of towing systems, suspension products, and accessories for truck camper rigs and towing, has launched an all-new app called FitMaster.

Roadmaster Fit Master

Located under the FitMaster section on the new, FitMaster creates a visual representation of the available Roadmaster equipment for your truck and/or vehicle.

Roadmaster FitMaster

FitMaster also provides the part numbers and shows your installer the color of your vehicle brake light wire and indicates whether it has separate of combined lighting.

Roadmaster FitMaster Website

As David Robinson, Roadmaster’s Director of Marketing explained, “Nobody wants to find out they have to wait an extra two or three days because a part they didn’t know about has to be ordered.  FitMaster eliminates that problem.  With FitMaster, you have a comprehensive list of what you need to tow, right from the get-go.”

Click here to try Roadmaster’s FitMaster for your truck.  Click here to request a free Roadmaster brochure.


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