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Rieco-Titan Introduces the Red Emergency Remote


Above: Bob McCarthy, President of Rieco-Titan Products, Inc., and the new red emergency remote.

What would happen if you were out camping and you accidentally lost or broke your electric jack remote? Imagine that you’ve dismounted your camper and need to get it back on your truck. Without a remote, what do you do?

The simple answer is you could manually crank your camper up or down. Rieco-Titan realizes this is not the preferable answer, and has designed a better solution; the red emergency remote.

John Verre, Product Engineer at Rieco-Titan Products, Inc., explained that the red emergency remote is identical in every respect to the standard black remote except that it doesn’t require a battery and needs to be plugged into the receiver box to work. John added that the red remote is designed to be attached with velcro to the Rieco-Titan receiver box to ensure availability during an emergency.

Bob McCarthy, President of Rieco-Titan Products, Inc., told us that Ted Sinclair of Northwood Manufacturing had the original idea for the emergency remote.  Ted asked Rieco-Titan for a safety feature just in case something were to happen to the main jack remote.  Rieco-Titan took Ted’s challenge and designed the red emergency remote.

The new red emergency remotes have been shipping with Rieco-Titan remote electric jack systems since March of 2010 and are now a standard feature.  Truck campers that use Rieco-Titan jack systems should be arriving on dealer lots now with the new red emergency remotes.

If you have a 2009 or 2010 Rieco-Titan receiver box with the numbers 433N in the serial number, you can upgrade to the new emergency red remote.  If your Rieco-Titan receiver box is older, or does not have 433N in the serial numbers, you can upgrade your receiver box to a new model.  Each new receiver box now comes standard with a black remote and the new emergency red remote.

For more information about the red emergency remote, visit the Rieco-Titan Products, Inc. website at

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