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Ready To Rally: Readers Respond to Our Question of the Week

This week’s Question of the Week was, “Do you attend truck camper rallies?  If not, would you like to attend truck camper rallies?”  The bonus question was, “Would you be interested in starting a truck camper rally?”

“We are new to the truck camper family.  We have talked about attending a rally and will, as soon as we have a rally within driving distance of our location here south of Buffalo, New York.  Would I want to lead a rally?  Probably yes, though I have little idea of how.” – C. Bradford

“My wife and I have attended three truck camper rallies, the latest being the Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally in Sanford, Virginia.  We had a great time at all of them.  We have made our reservations for the Gettysburg rally, and will attend in September.

We enjoy meeting new people, talking truck camping, and just enjoying the atmosphere of camping in our truck.  We also own a thirty-two foot fifth wheel which we took to Florida last winter.  Since we decided to go back this winter, the fifth wheel stayed there.

We are very interested in going to more truck camper rallies, especially now that my wife and I are retired.  It gives you a reason to go and visit an area that maybe you haven’t been to or would just like to see again.  I am not so sure about starting a rally, but I would be happy to help with one, as long as it doesn’t conflict with my “Miller Time”. – Denny and Deb B., Western Pennsylvania

“Angela – Living in the southern region of Alabama, we do not have many truck campers.  It is so hard find truck campers; it’s kind of like trying to find teeth on a chicken.  We do have some cool places to hold a rally in our area.  I would love to see one get kicked off in my area, so you-all come on down.” – Joseph

“Hi Angela.  I live for camping rallies.  I even joined RVing Women and the Good Sam Club so I could go to more rallies.  I love camping rallies and I usually sign up to do entertaining speaking about my travels when I sign up for one.  I decided to peek in on the rallies in the Northwest listed on your website.  What I found was a site that said, “have taken a hiatus until the market improves”.  What a jolt.  The East Coast is a great distance from the West Coast.  We need more truck camper rallies out west!” – Joei

“Yes, I would attend a rally.  It would be better if the rally is within 600 miles or so.” – Jim Mallery

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