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Readers Say Yes and No to RV Shows

This week’s Question of the Week was, “Are you planning to attend an RV show this year?”

“We are going to the Springfield RV Show.” – George and Susan Visconti

“I am counting the days until my wife and I will attend the Austin RV Expo, on February 23rd!  We cannot wait to see the actual models we have been viewing online.

We are coming full circle.  When I married my wife twenty-three years ago, a 1984 Idle Time truck camper came with her.  Our first vacation after getting married was to the Hill Country of Texas.  A few years later we traded the truck camper for a fifth wheel.  Sorry if that upsets anyone.  We were young and stupid!  Now that it’s just she and I, it’s time to downsize!” – Jim Caruthers

“Yes!  I will be going to my first RV show ever and it is the Early Bird RV Show and Sale January 31st until February 3rd, 2013 in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  I’m very excited because, despite being a Truck Camper Magazine subscriber and always dreaming about a truck camper, I’ve never actually gone and seen a truck camper before.” – Ashley Canavan

“We have attended the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania RV show in the past.  They rarely have truck campers which is what we are most interested in, so we probably won’t attend this year.” – Janet

“There is a great RV show in Halifax at the Exhibition Park.  It’s the big one in our area.  I’ll be there.” – Jeff Hogue

“No.” – George and Charlotte Elliott

“Yes.  I just went to the Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show in Denver.  I really liked those Lance truck campers.” – Trevor McCall

“Unfortunately, no.  I have attended the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa for years and my experiences were positive until I bought a Travel Lite 960RX truck camper in October 2009.  Then I attended the Florida RV Super Show in 2010, 2011, and 2012.  Once the hosts who were displaying their RVs found out that I owned a truck camper, I went to the non-buyer category. 

It felt like the iceberg had hit me in the face.  However, we are serious buyers of a new twenty-eight to thirty foot fifth wheel to spend long winter periods in various areas of our country.  We will not trade or sell our truck camper, which is our love.  We need more room for longer stays.  We want to own both as some others do.” – Bob Robinson

“No.  I have enough toys!” – Don Kingfield

“I’m going to the Boston RV Camping and Expo this weekend.” – Phil McEachen

“Yes!  I’m heading to the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa this weekend.  I have to check out the newest Lance models!” – Dale Wilmot

“My answer would be no.  I like going if I have something that I need, and right now I don’t need anything.  But my other problem is that living in the Phoenix area there aren’t any real RV Shows.  And the ones that they do have don’t have any truck campers on display.” – Al Cerf

“The Florida RV Super Show.  I would like to see someone display a really nice, large, triple-slide, flat bed camper.  I know, I know.  No one makes them.  But, I wish a manufacturer would see the advantages of designing one to go on a Ford F-550 or similar.  Wow, it could have three slides, tons of storage, a bed on the floor level, lower overall height, and easy on and off. 

Why hasn’t someone done this?  The Northstar American Hero is a start, but I am talking about much more of an ambitious camper with serious dry camping design.  I have a feeling that there would be a real market for such a camper, especially if designed off road travel.” – Dennis Darr

“We can’t wait for the February 15th through 18th camping show in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  There is always a good selection of truck campers to get us thinking about what we might get next.  Plus, we wind up picking up some accessories and supplies.  And we always find a new campground to try.  It’s the second best way to spend a day.  The first being actually camping, of course!” – Donna Bitzer

“Yes, I’m planning on going to Florida RV Super Show.” – Bill Sunday

“Yes.  I’m going to the Ottawa RV Show as always.  It’s a small RV show compared to the one in Montréal, but it’s closer to home and always puts us back in the mood of RVing!” – Denise Hupé

“No.  We have gone in years past to the Mid-America RV Show in Kansas City and were very disappointed.  They show the high-end buses, but seldom have truck campers.  When we ask, the dealers say there is no interest in truck campers in the Midwest.  I say, “show them and they will buy”.  We had to go from Kansas City to Douglasville, Georgia for our new Lance.  It was well worth the drive.  The Kansas City dealers lost out.” – Peggy S.

“Yes.  I go to the Florida RV Super Show on the last weekend of January.  I’m looking for a little bit of everything.” – Jim McLaughlin

“I am not going to an RV show this year.  The only one nearby is this week in Kansas City, but they never have any truck campers in the show.  I would love to go to an RV show with truck campers, but the nearest one is about 600 miles away as far as I know.” – John Bull

“I’m going to the Florida RV Super Show to mostly look for pop-up pick up campers.  Usually they don’t have a lot of pick up campers, but I’ll still go looking.  The show runs from January 16th to 20th.” – Pete Lewerk

“We plan to attend the Springfield RV Show in Massachusetts this year as we have in past years.  It gets us in the truck camping mode and who knows, we might find a deal we just can’t refuse!” – Allan and Gale Riley

“I usually don’t hit RV shows in the purest sense, but I attend shows that cover a combination of things that fit my particular needs and style.  I’ve been to the Colorado RV and Adventure Travel Show in the past, and found 95% was not for me.  My style of rough-and-tumble truck camping was outside most of the realm covered in that show. 

It’s a great show if you are in the market for a new truck camper, pull behind, or motorhome.  There were a few gadgets, products, venders and ideas that I looked at but, overall, the Colorado RV and Adventure Travel Show isn’t really my cup of tea.  

What is my cup of tea?  Well, you guys know me!  The Denver International Sportsman’s Expo.  I make plans to hit that show every year.  It’s not an RV show per se, but some RVs and accessories are represented and covered there, as well as equipment for my interests in four-wheel drive camping.  It also has the rest of the gamut for outdoor enthusiasts, sportsman, and campers of all kinds. There are booths there that have all kinds of things truck camper folks can use and an endless supply of outdoor gadgetry, supplies, and toys. 

I love this show, and usually spend an entire day there from opening to almost closing.  This show is also in the dead of winter when I get a little stir crazy, and need to immerse myself in outdoor toys and thought.  It’s like smacking the arm to pump up a vein, an inject a dose of the outdoors and adventure.  Well, for me anyway.  My poor wallet is already getting the shakes and trying to hide.” – Jim McCoy


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