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Question of the Week: Tell Us What You Tow, and Why

We know from our annual reader survey that over 70% of our readers tow with their truck camping rig.  For example, our 2013 reader survey revealed that over 37.9% of you tow a boat.  But exactly which make and model boat, and why?

Another 31.6% of our readers tow a utility trailer.  But exactly what utility trailer do you tow, and what’s in there, and why?

As members of the 30% of the truck camping community who don’t tow, we are curious about exactly what you folks are towing, and what you like to do with your toys.

22.6% tow off-road vehicles or ATVs, 18.2% tow an automobile or Jeep, 15.6% tow a motorcycle, 5.3% tow watercraft or jet skis, 5% tow a horse trailer, and 4.4% tow snowmobiles/snow machines.

What ATVs?  Which Jeep?  What motorcycle?  What jet skis?  And where do you like to take these toys, and what do you like to do with them?

While we’re at it, what horse trailer do you use, what are the horses names, and where do you like to ride?

You get the idea.  Get specific about exactly what you tow, and what you do with that towed toy.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What do you tow, and why?”

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