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Scratch That? – Question of the Week

Imagine this…

You’re driving your truck camper down a two lane paved road that turns to a single lane dirt road.  Then the road begins to ascend up a cliff side.

As you look out your driver’s side window you’re looking down the cliff to certain death.  Just outside the passenger window you can see the rock cliff wall.

It’s narrow, and getting more narrow here and there, but tire tracks ahead of you give you confidence that the road is passable.

As you drive around a bend, the road opens up just enough to turn around and safely head back down the mountain.  In front of you the cliff wall juts out just a bit, the road narrows a little more, and there are some gnarly looking bushes set into the cliff side.  You park your rig in the turn around area and walk up to inspect what you could be up against, literally.

On the cliff wall you can clearly see scrape marks from rigs that have gone before you.  The ends of bush shoots are bent and broken.  There might as well be a sign here that reads, “Get your desert pin-striping here”.

Since you don’t hear any other rigs driving on the road, you walk up the road a bit to see if it’s worth it.  There, directly in front of you, is one of the most wondrous landscapes you’ve ever seen.  You’re literally captivated by the natural beauty before you.  Pulling out a map you quickly realize there’s no other way into this area.

Just past this tight spot, the road opens up again with plenty of room between the cliff and cliff side.  There may be another scratch and dent opportunity ahead, but you can’t see it.  Once you’re past this point, it looks good.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Are you willing to risk scratching your truck and camper on this tight cliff side road, or are you heading back?”

Put another way, “Are you willing to risk cosmetic damage to your truck and camper – dings, dents, scratches, scrapes, and the like – to get to the more amazing and remote off-road places?”

This is a yes or no question.  There is no maybe, or sorta.  Either you’re taking the risk and going for it, or you’re not.  Think carefully, and click the link below.

Here are the responses to this week’s Question of the Week.

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