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Question of the Week: How Far Out Have You Been?

How far out have you been?  No, I’m not talking about that wild party you went to in college wearing nothing more than sheets and sunglasses.  It’s not that kind of magazine, unfortunately.

I’m asking how far off the beaten path, beyond the reaches of civilization, you’ve ever been in your truck camper?  Off road, off the grid, out of cell phone range, and no other humans in sight?  Ever been there?  Have you ever asked yourself, “If I drove off this cliff, would anyone ever find me?”  That far out.

Okay, not everyone risks their lives to go where no human being would go.  Perhaps the end of your driveway was as far out as your nerve could take you.  I’m hoping somewhere between that point and the point of no return you have a story when you thought to yourself, “Wow, we’re really out there”.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “How far from the reaches of civilization have you ever been in your truck camper?”  Tell us where you were, and what it was like to be there in your truck camper, far from anywhere.

As always, photographs are welcome, especially if you were only wearing sheets and sunglasses.  We might not publish those pictures, but they sure would make our day.

Far out, man.

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