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How Did You Get Into Truck Camping?

We like to start our lifestyle interviews with the same question, “How did you get into truck camping?”  What’s endlessly amazing to us is how everyone has a unique story.  It’s not like we all just found truck campers in the Yellow Pages.  We each have a different way that we were introduced, and later seduced, by truck campers.  Now it’s time to tell us how truck camping happened to you.

Did a friend or family member introduce you to truck camping?  Were you inspired by a truck camper in a parking lot or campsite?  Did you cross paths with a truck camper at a RV show?  Maybe you saw a truck camper during an internet search?

Think back to what got you into truck camping, and tell us your story!  This week’s Question of the Week is, “How did you get into truck camping?”  We can’t wait to read your answers.

Please include your name, and the year, make, and model of your truck and camper with your response.

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