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Question of the Week: Battery Power Poll

As soon as I saw Torklift International’s HiddenPower under bed auxiliary mount, I knew they had a hit product on their hands.  A relatively easy way to add a battery to a truck camper rig?  Yes please!  Torklift International is to be commended for debuting a product that addresses a real truck camper need; more power without taking up camper storage.  Very clever.

Which brings me to this week’s Question of the Week,  “How many batteries does your truck camper have, and do you want more?”

Please include the battery type and Group number of the battery or batteries that you use.  Also tell us if you believe you have enough power with your batteries for your truck camping lifestyle, or if you would like more.

Remember that batteries are usually around 55 pounds each and require regular maintenance to keep them healthy.  Choose wisely.

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