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Photography, Truck Camping, and You

Angela and I absolutely love taking photographs when we go truck camping.  Almost no matter where we go, or what we’re doing, there’s a camera in our hands, ready to capture something we find interesting.

Over the past decade, we have noticed that we’re not alone in our interest in photography.  Some folks specifically bought a truck camper for their photography.  For others, photography came second, but grew into an important part of their truck camping experience, and lifestyle.

For this week’s Question of the Week, we thought it would be interesting to poll Truck Camper Magazine readers about their interest in photography.  Are there, as we suspect, a lot of passionate photography enthusiasts among us?  Or, is photography just a casual part of capturing the truck camping experience?

Tell us how you approach photography when you go truck camping.  As passionate photographers ourselves, we can’t wait to learn about your truck camping photography!

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