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Poll: Jacks Up or Jacks Down?

There are four situations when we put our jacks down while the rig is loaded; (1) to unload the camper, (2) to level the unit if it’s annoyingly off-level, (3) if there’s a strong wind storm approaching, and (4) if we’re going to be staying for a while – usually a week plus – and just want the added stability.

We have never owned leveling blocks and usually camp for the night with our jacks up.  While many fellow truck camping friends find this behavior odd, we kinda like the rig bouncing around a bit when we walk.  As they say, if the rig’s a rockin’, the jacks just aren’t down.

This week’s poll is, “Do you put your jacks down when you’re camping?”

Special thanks to TCM readers Steve Merrill and Bill Harrington for inspiring this Question of the Week with their question suggestions.

Click here to take the poll.  Don’t miss the bonus question!

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