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Pirate Stealth Mode Confessions

It’s no secret.  On the road, we’re pirates.  Where the seafaring variety searched for gold and jewels, we’re always on the lookout for free places to park overnight.

Unfortunately, too many areas lack obvious free overnight parking opportunities.  Without a friendly Walmart or Cracker Barrel in sight, and campgrounds either too distant or pricey, we’re forced to break out the eye patches, tricorn hat, and stuffed parrot.

Over the years, we have parked overnight next to car dealerships, big box stores of every description, restaurant parking lots, and the occasional side street or random dirt pull-off.  During these overnighters, we sometimes go into what we call pirate stealth mode.

Pirate stealth mode means we close all the window shades, turn off all the interior lights, and keep our noise to a minimum; no television, no music, no parties.  Usually we’re pirate stealth parking later in the evening, so we go right to sleep, wake up early in the morning, and head out.

Using this technique, we have been extremely successful.  While in pirate stealth mode, we have never experienced the dreaded midnight knock on the door asking us to move.

Maybe we’ve been lucky.  Perhaps we’re really good pirates and know how to pick our overnight spots.  Then again, could it be that parking late at night and then taking off early in the morning is not likely to raise too many eyebrows, even in places that do not typically permit overnight parking?  The answer is probably all of the above.

Now it’s time for you to confess your pirate ways.  This week’s Question of the Week is, “Have you ever parked somewhere overnight in pirate stealth mode?”  If you have, tell us where (if you dare), and what you did to stay low profile.

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