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Phoenix Custom Campers Expands

On our way through Denver after the Overland Expo, we stopped by Phoenix Custom Campers to see their brand new digs.  Located a few garage doors down from their old facility, the new space is more than twice as big.  The additional square footage has made it possible for Phoenix Custom Campers to be built on an honest to goodness production line, and a team of six.


Above: Mike Fagnan, Welder, works with Robby Rowe on an aluminum frame

When we first visited Phoenix Custom Campers back in the Summer of 2007, the company was essentially a one man band.  Robby Rowe, Co-Owner of Phoenix Custom Campers, did everything from answer the phones, to build the campers, and everything in between.  His only companion was a radio playing classic rock.  It was actually quite incredible to watch Robby work (still is), but one man can’t be a truck camper manufacturer forever.  In six years, Phoenix Custom Campers has come a long way to become the kind of American success story we love to see.



Above: Mike Fagnan shows us a freshly completed aluminum frame wall

Cari Rowe, Co-Owner of Phoenix Custom Campers, explained that they moved into their new facility on Saturday, June 1st and resumed building custom truck campers the following Monday morning.  Cari added, “There was no time to waste”.


Above: Myron Mitchell sands components for a Phoenix Custom Camper for a Ford Raptor

“We have custom camper orders through the end of August.  Now that we have a full-time production team, Robby is still very hands on, but now he also supervises the team.  It’s a big change for us, but we’re very excited about it.”


Another benefit of the new facility is a much larger main office.  The office includes a comfortable air-conditioned sitting area, guest bathroom, and HDTV.


We also saw their production schedule on the office wall with over a dozen custom camper orders.  Speaking of custom camper orders, four campers were in production during our visit.


Above: This Phoenix Custom Camper is detined for a Ford Raptor

This Phoenix Custom Camper is a PULSE SC model with a pull-out bed, under bed storage, cassette toilet with sit down shower area, sink and stovetop combination, twenty gallon fresh water tank, and a grey tank.  Most Phoenix Custom campers do not feature a grey tank, but that’s what the customer wanted.


Above: Shane McCarthy, Cabnet Maker, demonstrates the strength of Phoenix Custom Camper frames

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