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On the BBQ: Grills To Go

TCM reader Brett Smith recently emailed us to ask you about truck camper grills.

“I have been a subscriber for nine months or so and look forward to every post.  We took ownership of our Arctic Fox 811 in May, and Jody and I love it.

We have the hookup for the outdoor grill, but are having a difficult time finding grills without the regulator as the manufacturer requires.   Would you be interested in asking readers what brand of grill they like when hooking up to the camper?  Cheers!” – Brett Smith

This is a well-timed question as we are also considering a portable propane grill for the road.  Like many truck campers, our (still top secret) truck camper does not have a propane connection, so suggestions for portable grills with and without this capability are welcome.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What make and model of portable barbecue do you use, how do you connect it to propane, and do you like your grill?”  Feel free to include pictures of your truck camping grill set up.

Thank you, Brett, for sending in your question.

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