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Northstar Campers Adds New Storage Building

The average annual snowfall total for Cedar Falls, Iowa is no less than 33 inches.  The average low in January is a mere 10 degrees.  The average highs in February don’t break 32 degrees.  Put bluntly, Cedar Falls, Iowa, hometown of Northstar Campers, endures a tough winter.


Above: Northstar’s factory with the new storage building center right – click to enlarge

In an effort to keep his new Northstar truck campers out of the elements before shipping, Rex Willett, President of Northstar Campers, has recently added a steel truss warehouse about a hundred feet from the main Northstar production plant.  The warehouse is big enough to store several dozen units while allowing enough space to load trucks inside for delivery.


Above: Northstar’s new steel truss warehouse – click to enlarge


Above: Several dozen units can be stored in this new storage building – click to enlarge

For the consumer, this new warehouse means Northstar truck campers are not sitting outside at the factory before they’re shipped.  They are kept clean, dry, and ready to go.  When they are shipped, their exterior seals are 100% fresh and undiminished by the elements.

The strength, durability, and versatility of a clear span steel truss buildings is truly remarkable.  These modular structures can be up to 150 feet in width and are often used for airplane hangers, farm equipment storage, warehouse facilities, indoor riding arenas, tennis courts, and soccer fields.  With tall bay doors, they seem particularly well suited to expand a truck camper factory or dealership that needs protected truck camper storage.


Above: Delivery trucks can be loaded with campers inside the building.  Click to enlarge.

As Rex explained it to us, the land requirements and costs of a steel truss building were considerable, but the benefits of comfort for his team and the condition of new campers are obvious.  Winter will never be fun and games at Northstar Campers, but it should be a lot more bearable with the new warehouse.

If you’re wondering why Northstar Campers is located in Iowa, allow me to take you back to April 20th, 2007.  Truck Camper Magazine was about three months old, and we were interviewing the industry leaders to ask them about the history, philosophy, and vision of their companies.  When we talked to Rex, we also asked him about Iowa.

TCM: Why is Northstar in Iowa?

Rex: We are fairly centrally located; about 1,200 miles from the East Coast, and 1,800 to 1,900 miles from the West Coast.  We wouldn’t move.  This is our home.  And we have a responsibility to our employees.

I grew up with a lot of these guys.  I would put our truck camper crew up against anybody’s.  The knowledge and experience between these thirty people would blow you away.  I have one employee who has been here for forty years.  Many have been here ten to twenty years.  That’s experience.  And you get to know them and their families and see their kids grow up.

We like Iowa. There are not a lot of people here and it’s a great place to raise a family.”

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