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Northstar Announces Sub-Zero Package

Rex Willett, President of Northstar Campers, contacted Truck Camper Magazine last week to announce the new Sub-Zero package for Northstar pop-up truck campers.


Here’s Rex’s email and photography:

“The new Sub-Zero insulation package from Northstar is now available on all Northstar pop-up truck campers as an option.


What is the Sub-Zero you ask?  It consists of multiple upgrades including a new and improved insulated canvas with reflective insulation sewn in between the two panels.


Above: Sub-Zero soft wall material is three layers of modern vinyl material called Tri-Lam – click to enlarge

The Sub-Zero soft wall material is not canvas, but rather three layers of modern vinyl material called Tri-Lam.  The Tri-Lam vinyl is joined together so there’s weather resistant vinyl on the inside and outside.  With Tri-Lam, you don’t need to worry about putting the top down after a rain storm.  If mildew forms, the Tri-Lam wipes right off and looks brand new again.


The reflective foil on the inside of the Tri-Lam has an insulation factor of R-9.  The foil faces into the camper interior to retain the heat in the winter, and cool in the summer.  The reflective coil also gives a slight improvement to the sound insulation inside the camper and a great improvement in darkening the interior for when an afternoon nap is on the after-lunch menu.

The second part of the Sub-Zero insulation package is inside the camper walls; Celotex foil faced insulation.  In Sub-Zero equipped campers, we hand-fit and install Celotex foil faced insulation in the door-ups, side walls, front, and back of the camper.


Above: The Seitz Dometic acrylic, gas-filled, thermal pane windows offer superior insulation values and have built-in shades and screens – click to enlarge

The Seitz Dometic acrylic, gas-filled, thermal pane windows complete the Sub-Zero package.  Seitz Dometic windows are incredibly light weight, recessed, and include built-in shades and screens for the ultimate in versatility.  Northstar has been using these windows on hard side and pop-up truck campers for decades.

For the Sub-Zero insulation package, we retained the larger zippered windows, dark-tinted daytime window, and the screens all the way around the pop-up soft wall.  The Sub-Zero dramatically improves the insulation quality of the camper, without reducing visibility or cross ventilation when desired.  We even added storage pockets on either side of the soft wall enclosure to improve the storage opportunities.

All-in-all, the new for 2015 Sub-Zero package makes Northstar’s pop-up truck camper line warmer and better insulated than our hard side truck campers, already the warmest truck campers on the market.  Check out a 2015 Northstar pop-up truck camper with the Sub-Zero package at a Northstar dealer near you.

It’s okay to tell your wife you can go longer now, and truly mean it!  Your pop-up truck camping season just got longer, and a lot more comfortable.  We told you we were bringing sexy back!”

For more information on Northstar campers, visit their website at  Click here to request a free Northstar brochure.


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