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New Camper Birth Announcement

About two weeks ago, Tracy and Steve Schuster sent in a formal new camper birth announcement for their new-to-them truck camper, a 2012 Lance 992.  Clearly the Schusters are very excited as they have created a cartoon series about their truck camping adventures.

Tracy and Steve explained how they make the cartoons, “I started a new way to journal our days using the iOS app Day One.  We got tired of asking ourselves, “What did we do last summer?”.  This app has taken care of answering that question.

I create many of our daily entries as cartoons so I get twice the fun.  Our dogs have also gotten their own private syndication series courtesy of me.  Since they haven’t yet run away to join the circus, they must not be too upset.  Thanks for keeping us dreaming for the last year and a half while we were camperless.  You guys are great!”




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