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How Much Firewood Would A Truck Camper Chuck If…

We received a great Question of the Week suggestion from Elquin Daza of San Mateo, California.  Here’s his question:

“Great magazine!  I love the interaction with all the questions, and answers.  I have a question I’d like to see asked; How does everyone carry their firewood?

Carrying firewood is always a problem for me.  I have a front and rear hitch.  The front hitch usually has bicycles, and the rear hitch usually has a trailer attached; ski boat, dirt bike trailer, or Jeep.  The roof has a storage pod with chairs, but no room for firewood!

I don’t want the firewood inside.  And, for the record, I camp within a few hours of home so I’m not really “transporting” wood.  Thanks, and I hope to see this question asked.” – Elquin Daza, San Mateo, California

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