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Midwest Truck Camper Gathering Report

Doug and Tammie Baughman, organizers of the Midwest Truck Camper Group, sent in the following report and photos from the Midwest Truck Camper Christmas Party in Branson, Missouri.

Campers At Branson Missouri Rally

“We kicked off the MWTCF 2018 Christmas Party in Branson with eleven rigs.

We had a few rigs arrive early and they got a surprise storm that blew through Branson. It had us all wondering if our rigs were going to be blown away. We were all up for several hours while the weather was questionable.

The main group arrived on Saturday, so we had a simple potluck of appetizers. Several stayed to play games in the evening and a few were working on a puzzle.

Games At Rally

We left it open for everyone to just hang out with each other or to go out on the town. A few went to some shows or went shopping while they were in Branson. A small group went to a local restaurant called the Hungry Hunter and had a very enjoyable dinner.

Restaurant Gathering

We had potlucks each evening and a group played games. Several were watching football games on Sunday in the clubhouse.

On Tuesday morning we took a group picture of the folks who woke up early. On Tuesday evening we had our Christmas Party. Everyone sat around that afternoon chatting and enjoying the final day of our gathering.

Christmas Exchange At Branson Gathering

After our meal we did a white elephant gift exchange. We all went home with a little something. Most turned in early that night since we were departing early the next morning. We all said our, “goodbyes” and, “see you down the road”.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year at our gatherings and rallies. Check out the rally schedule for next year’s three planned events.”

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