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LOA To The Rescue

Full-time RVer and Lance Owners of America member, SiverHooligan (aka Catherine), had a minor car accident after which an unrelated medical situation caused her to have her driver’s license suspended over 1,000 miles from her next destination.

Making matters more complicated, Catherine had two dogs with her and her truck was totaled in the accident.  She posted her situation on the LOA forum and asked for recommendations.

A few minutes later, the LOA community started working the problem.  They discussed hiring RV moving companies but quickly determined they were too costly.  They contacted Lance Campers to see if there was a possible backhaul, but there was not one available.

By that afternoon, something remarkable happened.  LOA members started to volunteer to transport Catherine, her two dogs, and her Lance.  By the next morning they were discussing the idea of breaking up the trip into segments and conducting a relay.

Over the next few days, the volunteers were signed up for the relay and LOA members devised a route to avoid potential winter weather issues.  On the forum, volunteering members were listed with the routes they would drive.  It was all coming together.

When the last legs of the relay were filled, and the timing around everyone’s schedules worked out, the beginning of the relay was planned for Thursday, February 2nd, 2017.  Then the next wonderful chapter unfolded.

On February 1st, an LOA forum member suggested that the community could help fund the relay for gas and other expenses.  A half hour later they launched a GoFundMe account, and the money started flowing in.

Between the LOA community and a donation by Lance Campers, the GoFundMe account eventually reached $1,250.  That was more than enough to cover the fuel and other expenses for the volunteers.

Thanks to the LOA community, Catherine, her two dogs, and her Lance are now all safely delivered.  This amazing event speaks volumes for the dedication and heart of the camping community, something many of us have witnessed and experienced first hand.  Way to go LOA!

If you’re a LOA member, you can follow the story as it unfolded on the LOA.


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