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Lawn, Mail, and Taxes?  Don’t Go Back!

There are many reasons why truck camping folks turn around and head back home.  For those who are not yet retired, it’s usually work.  Sometimes it’s a family obligation.  Other times it’s just the lawn.  What have you done to address these common challenges and extend your precious truck camping time?

We tend to be long distance and long term truck campers.  If we go out, it’s to drive west, or south, for several months.   So what brings us back?  In the past there have been many things that have called our return including family gatherings, industry events, and filing taxes.

To extend our truck camping time, we have learned to commit to less things in advance.  If there’s an event with a hard date and time in an area that’s inconvenient to our plans, we say no, or leave it open.  As for our taxes, our tax preparer was more than happy to handle them remotely.  We handle everything over the phone and mail.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What have you done to extend your truck camping adventure time?”

Have you found a way to take key truck camping dates off work?  Did you find a trusted neighbor to watch your house and mail?   Do you schedule family activities around your truck camping schedule?   What solutions have you found to things that forced you to go home in the past?

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