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Do You Keep Your Camper Loaded?

When we get home, we almost completely dump our camper.  Nearly every interior and exterior cabinet, cupboard, and compartment gets emptied.  The items are then brought into our house in laundry baskets, boxes, and reusable grocery bags where they’re sorted, purged, cleaned, and otherwise dealt with.  While this is going on, our house looks like a disaster area, but it works for us.

When we return to the camper, we wipe the counter tops and cabinets clean, sweep the floor, and put everything back.  Basically, we reset the camper with clean clothing, fresh food, and only what we’ll need for the trip in front of us.  We do our best to be lean and mean when we head out.  That’s how we roll.

One reason we completely dump our camper is because we keep it in a local storage lot.  We live in an HOA that does not allow for RV parking or offer on-site RV storage.  As such, our rig is parked about three miles away.  By unloading our camper, we at least have access to our stuff at home, even if our camper is off-site.

Ideally we would have a pad at our house where we could keep our camper.  Then we would be much more inclined to keep our camper packed up and ready to go.

In fact, it’s long been a dream of ours to have a climate-controlled garage tall enough for our loaded rig to park inside.  Forget winterizing.  Forget unpacking.  It would be like a bat cave for our truck camper rig.  Add full hookups and we could live there, in our garage!  Angela could be bat girl and Harley could be the bat cat.  Okay, that’s weird, but you get the point.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you completely dump your truck camper rig when you get home, or keep it fully or partially stocked?”

This Question of the Week is now closed.  Click here to read about readers having their truck camper at the ready.


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