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Jonathan Hanson Reviews Tacoma Four Wheel Camper

Co-Director of the Overland Expo and curator and writer of Overland Tech and Travel, Jonathan Hanson, has been publishing an excellent series of articles on his Toyota Tacoma and Four Wheel Camper Fleet Self Contained truck camper rig, aka JATAC, or Just a Tacoma Camper.

His most recent article in the series was published on and reviews the camper from stem to stern including exactly where to put a bottle of Knob Creek Kentucky straight bourbon small batch aged nine years whiskey.  So that’s how they do it overland style!

Jonathan also states that his rig is getting between 17-18 miles per gallon, an impressive number for a loaded truck and camper.

To read his full review, check out the Overland Expo website: Home Away From Home Tour (JATAC update)

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