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Is Your Rig Prepped for Disaster Survival?

Whenever we’re home, we try to keep our camper loaded on the truck, with full propane tanks, topped off batteries, and basic supplies.  Within an hour, we could have everything we need in the camper and be on the road; food, clothing, cat, truck, camper, and go.

What’s the hurry?  Who knows?

Watch the national news every night and you quickly realize anything is possible.  From a freak weather event, to a sudden terrorist act, to a middle of the night family emergency, nothing is beyond comprehension.  As the saying goes, stuff happens.

Although we firmly believe that it’s useless to live in fear, we also believe it’s irresponsible not to be prepared.  Besides, having an escape plan gives us peace of mind.  For us, the truck camper rig is our escape plan.

This week’s question of the week is, “Do you keep your truck camper ready to go in case of an emergency situation?”  If you do, please tell us what you do to keep your truck and camper ready to go and how it is prepped for disaster survival.  Be specific about supplies and any other preparations.

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