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Hotomobil USA Announces First US Dealership

San Juan Vans of Bayfield, Colorado has signed on to be Hotomobil’s first dealership in the United States and now has two Hotomobil truck campers in inventory. Hotomobil has landed!

Hotomobil USA Signs First US Dealer

After debuting their European-manufactured truck campers in Truck Camper Magazine last January, Hotomobil USA has been showcasing their one-piece fiberglass truck campers at rallies and events gathering feedback from the truck camping community.

In a significant development, this past week we learned that San Juan Vans of Bayfield, Colorado has become the first US dealer to carry Hotomobil truck campers. Currently, they have two Hotomobil truck campers in inventory with more on the way.

If you missed their debut article, start with Introducing Hotomobil Truck Campers to see the stunning European design features inside and out. You will also see Hotomobil’s factory in Turkey, and the unique way they manufacture their one-piece fiberglass units. Nobody in the world builds campers quite the way they do.

For details including floor plans, specifications, and capacities, check out the Hotomobil Buyers Guide.

For more information on Hotomobil truck campers, visit Hotomobil USA website at  Click here to request more information about the Hotomobil Campers.


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