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Holding Your Water In a Truck Camper

Our last Question of the Week asked if you used your truck camper shower.  In those responses, several readers discussed how shower water often gets wasted waiting for it to heat up, or hit a comfortable temperature.

Rich and Denise Snyder’s response got us thinking about our own water habits.  They shared a great tip on how to save fresh water and keep water out of their grey tank.

The Snyder’s stated, “While we run the water to get to temperature, we’ll run it into a clean new bucket and use it for other things, including dishes.  Or, that water can just be dumped outside.  It’s only clean water.”  What a fantastic, and easy to implement, idea.

In the 2015 Northstar 8.5 Arrow U we borrowed over this past year, I came up with a great way to get the shower temperature right quickly, every time.  On the hot and cold faucets in the bathroom, I put a piece of tape at the 12 o’clock position on both faucets where the water warmed to the temperature we like it.

Using the tape, we were able to turn the water immediately to the right temperature setting.  It still took a minute or so for the water temperature to get to that point, but that’s where Rich and Denise’s idea comes into play.  With the tape marks, and the bucket, we won’t waste water, and we’ll quickly get to the temperature we prefer.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “How do you conserve water on the road?”

Maybe you have a solution for saving water in your kitchen sink as you’re washing dishes.  Maybe you have a water saving technique in the shower.  Perhaps you have a way to save water while washing your hands.

With the relatively limited size of fresh and grey water tanks in truck campers, it’s important to save as much fresh water and grey tank capacity as possible.  Tell us how you save water, on the road.

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