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Hobbies on the Road: Readers Respond to our Question of the Week

This week’s Question of the Week was, “What hobbies and interests do you bring on the road?”.  There are a few hobbies that we hadn’t heard of before, like “lawn chair beer drinking” and “forgetting about work”.  Are they really hobbies?  Maybe, maybe not, but they sure are fun!

As always, thank you for participating in our Question of the Week.

“Workamping, Jeeping, gold panning, and snowbirding!” – David and Sheila Knapp, South Dakota

“Angela – We have five hobbies that occupy 110% of our time; shade tree reading, sunset photography, horizon gazing, lawn chair beer drinking, and campfire building.” – John and Cheri Cook, Colorado

“My wife and I enjoy metal detecting and gold prospecting.” – Jess and James Husband

“I love to knit and make jewelry while traveling.  I just wish my husband would pick up a hobby.” – Donna

“Sight seeing, photography, exploring the wineries of North America, backroad exploration to learn the real United States of America, enjoying good non-franchise food, and meeting and talking to people, both natives and visitors.” – Allen Williams

“When it comes to truck campers and hobbies, I think the first priority hobby is forgetting about work!  I love that hobby, but sometimes it takes a day or two.  Once we forget about work, it’s all about slowing down and enjoying wherever we are.  Hiking the trails of the North Shore of Lake Superior is something you just can’t get enough of and that’s in our backyard.  Hiking beaches, whether North or South, is a favorite too.  The truck camper allows us the chance to pull off into some pretty tight parking places that you could not get into with a travel trailer or a motorhome.  I like to use our truck camper when I work with amateur radio to support long distance trail runs on the Superior Hiking Trail and dog sled races in the winter.  It sure beats sleeping in the front seat of your vehicle and the family has more fun.  With the truck camper on the truck, home is always wherever you are.  It’s a great feeling!” – Bigfoot Dave, Duluth, Minnesota

“Angela – My hobbies are three fold.  I love to travel in my truck camper, to volunteer during disasters, and help churches work on their buildings.  While going and returning, I love to explore and take in the beauty of this great country.  And the last hobby is to introduce trout fishermen to our lures, Trout Magnets, and to use them in some of the great trout streams of America.  I’m looking forward to leaving after our daughter’s graduation from college on May 5th and spending a couple of months doing the above.  How about a fuel card to use for the trip so I can stay three months?  Take care and happy camping.” – Ed Krech

“Hi Angela.  How did normal girl like you end up with Gordon?  Anyway not my business but here it goes… Every hobby I have ever had I’ve turned into a business.  Writing was a hobby and now a business.  Photography was a hobby, but when one of my photos became a magazine cover it became a business.  Bead work was a hobby until I started selling earrings, necklaces, and anklets.  Well now I’m old and running out of time, so I’ve had to double up on my hobbies.  I have combined my photography and beading and have designed absolutely gorgeous bookmarks that are selling like hotcakes, certainly outselling my books, drats.  Starting April 1st my bookmarks along with my nine Adventure-Travel books are going to be displayed in some local libraries.  I’m entering some of them into two contests under photography/mixed media.  I’ll let you know how I make out.  ‘No officer, it’s not a Pull Over, it’s a scarf.’  So there.  Really, Gordon… THE HOBBY POLICE?  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” – Joei Carlton

“The hobbies we take to the road are fishing, playing cards, photography, and cooking.  When we want to rest from fishing, we love to play cards, and watch movies.  Yes, all truck campers should have a boob tube.  I love to take pictures as I like to share where we have been with others.  The last thing is my cooking skills and I can get creative when I cook on the road.  Thanks.” – Joseph

“My main hobby is astronomy.  Everywhere I go, I take at least one telescope with me for stargazing.  I also bring books on places of historical interest with me so I can take a look at historical places around the country.” – Bob


“Hi Angela.  I go to the desert to fly rockets.  The launch sites are usually filled with RVers of all kinds as well as tent campers.  There are launch sites all over the country.  I can be found in places like Brothers, Oregon, or the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.  It’s a great excuse to see some spectacular country and boondock with geeky friends.  Here’s a picture of my 2004 Eagle Cap 1150 with just a few of the rockets I fly.” – Gary Lech

“Oh Boy, hobbies on the road with the truck camper.  We are always ready for hiking.  We also ski, mountain bike, surf, fish, enjoy photography, sometimes bring kayaks, and we always have fun!  Many of our trips involve one of these activities.  For instance, a certain peak or trail we want to hike or a ski trip to a certain mountain.  Sometimes we just load up and go and see what we find.  Bikes, fishing gear, and hiking boots are always with us.  We love to just explore.  When we find an interesting place we get out and investigate further by foot, bike, and sometimes kayak.  We keep our truck camper pretty well loaded and ready for adventure.  We can be ready to go real quick.  The truck camper suits our lifestyle well; it is the ultimate adventure support vehicle for us.” – Bill Tex

“Kayaking, surf fishing, and mountain bikes.” – Jerry and Tina Rohan

“Funny write up, Angela!  I like getting photos for my, “out the back door of the truck camper” series of pictures I’ve collected as we travel.  We’ve planned our trips around family and seeing the National Parks and I collect my National Park Passport stamps at each park.  This year I’ve stepped up my interest in genealogy and I’m hoping to visit places where my ancestors lived.” – Bonnie Belza, Arizona

“First things first, I am about 10% overloaded according to “the stickers”.  I put on just less than 9,000 miles last year with no problems.  I only take one hobby with me and that is photography.  Have a nice day.” – Matt Reinker


“My hobbies are model electric airplanes and astronomy.  When we went out west, we flew at a number of fields; Quartzite, Yuma, and Blythe, California.  We were always welcome and camped right at the field for as long as we wanted.  Also, there are many “fly-ins” locally and the truck camper is great for the day or the weekend.  My second is astronomy with my telescope.  The skies are so clear at high altitudes and out west, away from the lights.  And, of course going out in the “boonies” and trying (as Lila says) to destroy the truck and camper.  You should see my bent Torklift tie downs… he he he.” – Dave and Lila

“I am an avid railroad fan (yes, I look for campgrounds near the tracks).  I take pictures, collect memorabilia, and ride excursion trains; preferably steam but any train will do.  That’s my only hobby besides seeing all of North America by RV and spending time with my wife.  And yes, she likes trains also, just not as much as I do.” – R.D. (Bob) Ritchie

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